The main aim of the school is to provide such quality education as would help the students realize their full potential and enable them to meet squarely the emerging challenges offered by technologically advanced global information society of the future while maintaining the rich cultural heritage and much cherished values of our society. 

To achieve this aim the following objectives receive special emphasis:

  • Initiating them into the process of learning to learn so that they are well equipped with the know-how for renewing their knowledge in the fast changing environment, on their own, throughout their lives.
  • Developing the mental and physical abilities and necessary skills of the pupils along with the development of right attitudes through formal academic programs as well as other school activities.
  • Encouraging children to think for themselves and develop their imagination, ability to solve problems, creativity, aesthetic sense, and a host of other inherent abilities. Also develop self so that students are sensitized to the needs of the society of which ‘self’ is a part, and learn to solve conflicts within their own selves and with others.
  • Inculcating basic human values of truth, love, compassion, dignity of labor, moral courage and self discipline.
  • Developing a deep understanding and love of their culture along with a modern global outlook.
  • Last but not the least promoting excellence in the academic and all other areas.