Education has a vital role to play in movidings, shaping, sharpening and directing and individual, the society and the nation towards the attainment of the desired goals. Tomorrow’s society will be guided by the kind of education we provide to the students today. the educational institutions must act upon the challenges of the time and prepare the citizens for a satisfying future. bearing this philosophy in mind, Bheem School was incepted in 2024 B.S to provide quality education that should include the following education that should include the following aims.
  1. Value each students as a unique individual not being a part of the crow.
  2. Promote knowledge and self-esteem in students by understanding reality and
    releasing one’s own talents to attain their own academic potential.
  3. Ensure quality education for a rewarding and contributory life by providing an
    environment in which students feel secure and confident in learning process.
  4. Offer a balanced and whereat approach to curriculum, instruction and
    assessment, for the development of a well rounded personality and
    comprehensive quality (creative, critical, innovative and practical).
  5. Foster learning as a life long process by helping students know low to learn
    individually and in groups.
  6. Prepare students for a world of work by providing guidance and support.
  7. Emphasize the importance of giving service to other.
  8. Incorporate individual, cultural, national and international diversities.
  9. Promote a community as a learning society for learners, teachers and parents.